Atlantic Lions

The Atlantic Lions are a group of four friends who will row and race more than 3,000 nautical miles across the world’s second largest ocean. Less people have crossed the Atlantic in this way than have climbed Mount Everest. Whilst taking on this dangerous challenge, the team aims to raise money for The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Trust.

To help them on their way we offered our services as sponsorship. First of all we created a strong visual identity and design before implementing it through print and online media.

Throughout this project we wanted to show the tough, physical and mental challenge the team have in store for them. The heavy use of dark blue along with bold fonts and striking photography helps to capture this. The simple yet connotative logomark features an abstract lion with a sharp boat like point and four oars to symbolize the four team members.

We have since built and continue to develop an informative, smart but fun website in order to appeal to both corporate sponsors and individuals. Currently the website allows the team to share what they are doing in their preparation for the race. As the race begins the website will transform into a progress tracker with a live map to help see the team cross the Atlantic and encourage those following them to donate and support the MS Trust.

We wish them all the luck in the world!