1. Appeal to your target audience

You should be able to picture a person that is part of your target audience. Literally give them a name, gender, job, salary, education & hobbies. Now work to please that person.

2. Be Unique

Avoid obvious clichés and make your logo memorable. Your logo does not necessarily have to show the product or service you are selling. Think, Nike. Do you see a pair of trainers

3. Be Timeless

Make your logo eternally relevant. Don’t try to fit in with current trends, your logo will only look dated when the next set of trends arrive.

4. Be Bold, Be Simple

The best logos are those that are simple. Although some clients may think simple is lazy it is the complete opposite. A well executed but simple logo can be easily identifiable. A few colours also help to achieve this. I like to tell people to think of road signs. The images are very simple yet easy to see and to understand. That is what you want from a logo.

5. Be Consistent

You need to build up equity with your logo. Use it over and over and keep it consistent. Do not change it. A well thought out logo will allow you to do this with ease. Remember there is more places than ever that your logo needs to work from the multitude of screen sizes to paper and other promotional materials.