Start Up


Starting a New Business?

We can help you launch!


Start with your Brand

A good brand identity instantly improves the emotional effect a consumer has when seeing your business. Strong, well organised colours, typefaces and other supporting elements help to improve a consumer’s trust in your professionalism. It is extremely important for a new business to have their brand in place as early on in its life as possible. This helps to ensure that your identity becomes more familiar and recognisable as your reputation grows.


Implement your Brand

Implementing your brand through print, apparel and signage helps in the exposure of your brand. Doing so will advertise your business and add to the sense of professionalism. It is important to ensure your brand guidelines, which we can supply, are followed to protect the integrity of your brand and ensure the best results.


Add a Web Experience

Your presence on the web has become an essential part of brand and business exposure. With an average 5,922,000,000 Google searches a day the way we find information has changed in the last 10 years. We work hard to ensure your website is using the latest techniques in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help people find you online.


Keep your customers up to date

We build Content Management System (CMS) websites so that you can keep your website up to date, add blog posts and amend pages. We can also integrate your website with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as well as setting up, and branding these pages for you.


See your Business Flourish

With the previous 4 steps in place your business will be ready to launch, be discovered and flourish. But don’t forget us! We can help developed businesses attract new customers too, and of course reprint your lovely stationery!