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Graphic Design

Good Design is Good Business

Quality = Quality

Professional, well thought out and well implemented design can add a sense of quality and credibility to your business. So the saying goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. However, we all know that’s exactly what we do! A quality brochure is perceived to mean quality products.

Effective Layout

Graphic design is about the placement of elements and the remaining space. A good layout can help the reader find relevant information quickly. We think about the use of your printed materials and work hard to ensure that we have done everything we can to help to make it effective in its aims.

Close Partnership

You know your business and target market, combining our knowledge with yours is and always will be the best way to achieve your goals. Throughout the design process rigorous proofing is conducted, feedback received and actioned upon until you are absolutely satisfied with the end result.

“Design adds value faster than it adds cost.
We have seen many great success stories and want to see more!”

– Liam Palmer – Graphic Designer, Hayward Design & Print

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Branding & Identity


It’s a cliché but first impressions count!


Many people think about a brand as a logo. However a logo is only a small part of the identity of a business in its simplest form. Brand Identity is the visual aspect that accompanies that logo. Together with the service / product your company provides, a whole brand is then complete.

Emotional Effect

A good brand identity instantly improves the emotional effect a consumer has when seeing your business. Strong well organised colours, typefaces and other supporting elements help to improve a consumer’s trust in your professionalism. This works in the same way as someone who is smartly dressed when attending a job interview.


Every time someone sees your brand identity it is assessed in a similar way for professionalism and approachability. We build smart brand identities that work. Our process includes research of your business, competitors and target market. With this knowledge we are able to understand your needs and begin work on your project.

“We take onboard feedback throughout the process and can refine each of your elements until we are agreed that your finalised brand is ready to be launched!”

– Liam Palmer – Graphic Designer, Hayward Design & Print

Recent Branding Projects…

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Web Design


Engaging and informative websites tailored for our clients’ needs and budgets

Your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your business and it is imperative that it captures your target audience.
Our Web Design team aim to truly understand our clients’ needs in order to create relevant and effective solutions that work. We have worked with a variety of clients of all sizes and are able to create a bespoke plan to ensure that your website is right for you.


We build websites that work across all platforms and screen sizes.

As the growth of phones and tablets continues more and more of us are browsing the web using our smart devices. It is therefore important that a users experience on these devices is not diminished. By building responsive websites we can ensure that users can access all of the content they need without the need to zoom in, zoom out and swipe around the page (all very tedious). Why not give it a go? Open our site up on your mobile or tablet.


We work closely with our clients throughout the entire website project to ensure a beautiful, innovative and functional web solution they can be proud of.

– Matt Gore – Web Designer, Hayward Design & Print

Recent Web Projects…

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Transferring your message to paper

With a range of printing presses, options and technologies including our modern digital facility, Hayward Design & Print offer a full range of printing options from one upwards delivered on time to the highest standard by our experienced team. We work with both businesses and individuals to the same high standard.


From large organizations to small businesses and freelance/sole traders, Hayward Design & Print will work with and advise you on available options within your budget..


Hayward Design & Print pride themselves on their reputation throughout Kent and beyond in their knowledge and production of personal stationery and printing for private individuals.


Stationery   Business Cards   Flyers

Posters   Laminating   Foil Blocking

Die Cutting   Spot UV   Invitations

“We check, check and check again to ensure your finished product is of the highest possible standard – every time!”

– Simon Bridgland – Print Operative, Hayward Design & Print

Recent Print Projects…

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